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The department was started in 1994 as a service department by the name Information and communication Technology under the directorship of Dr. Rono Henry. There were three senior staff and 3 support staff. The services offered included training of the University students then later staff on the use of computers where short courses were developed and delivered i.e Application packages and file management using Windows as an operating system. A course on use of Computer in School Management targeting head teachers in Secondary Schools was also taught.


In 2000 the servicing department was transformed into a full teaching department offering a degree course in B.Sc. Computer Science under the department of Mathematics with eleven students and three teaching staff members.
The servicing section which was headed by Mr.Siika was moved to be Information and Communication Technology Directorate. In 2001 the department was separated from Mathematics department and started offering B.Sc. Computer Science on its own with Mr. Ngure as the Chairman under the School of Pure and Applied Sciences. In 2002 the department started offering two more programmes i.e B.Sc. Computer Engineering and B.Sc. Software Engineering in addition to B.Sc. Computer Science with a population of 200 students, five(5) lecturers, two(2) programmers, four (4) laboratory technicians and four (4) support staff. The department was also offering UCU 102: Introduction to Computers to all the University students until 2006 when it was scrapped from the University Calendar.


We had only three (3) computer labs and each lab could hold thirty (30) computers. In the same year, 2002, the department started offering Bachelor of Information Technology and Diploma in Information Technology under Open Learning mode of study. Mr. Ngure was the Chairman of the Department upto to 2004 when Dr. Odote took over upto 2005. In 2005, Mr. Ngure was again appointed as the Chairman of the department. The population of lecturers grew from five to eight academic staff members and the number of students increased to 1000. In January 2008 the department was transferred from the School of Pure and Applied Sciences to the School of Engineering Technology.


In September, 2008, John M . Kandiri was appointed as the Chairman of the department. He saw the change of name from Information and Communicationm Technology, which is more associated with service departments to Computing and Information technogy (ICT) that better reflects an academic department. In October, 2009 the department reviewed its programmes ie. B.Sc. Computer Science and Bachelor of in Information Technology which is now B.Sc. in Information Technology.
In January, 2010 the department was split into the department of Computing and Information Technology formally (CIT) headed by Mr. Kandiri and the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Mr. Maina Mambo was appointed the Chairman. The department of CIT offers B.Sc. Computer Science (full time and IPB mode of study), Bachelor of Information Technology and Diploma in Information Technology (both on Open, Distance and e-Learning mode of study). We have two (2) computer labs at the Students computer centre with a capacity of 120 computers each and two (2) labs at CIT building with a capacity of thirty (30) computers each. From 2009, the department has seen the increase of teaching staff from less than 10 to current 15. The department also has two(2) teaching assistants and four(4) computer lab technicians There is also one (1) programmer, one (1) database operator and five support staff.
The department has also reviewed its current programmes (BSC computer Science and BSC-IT) so that they in line with contemporary ICT requirements. In 2010, the department name changed from department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to department of computing and Information technology (CIT). This is to reflect the global naming systems of teaching department. The name also uniquely identifies the department from the ICT service directorate. The department is also at an advanced stage to launch a Master of Science in Information Technology programme which was developed in 2010 awaiting Senate approval. We hope that the programme will be approved by senate ready to admit first cohort in September 2011.


We have an active linkage with IBM academic initiative whose aim is to facilitate access to learning and research materials in the field of Computer Science. In addition, the departments in the initial stages of trying to establish a linkage with Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa) and establishing links with public and private sector organizations for student job placement and industrial attachment such as Safaricom, Kengen, Celtel, Google and Directorate of Industrial Training among many others.

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